Additional Option

On JNews : Additional Option, there’re several section option that you will find :

    1. jQuery Migrate
    2. Loader Setting
    3. Post Date Setting
    4. GDPR Compliance
    5. Analytics / Tracking
    6. Custom Post Type
    7. Speed Optimization



If you’re not familiar with JNews Customizer yet, you might need to check our Customizer Overview.

1. jQuery Migrate

This option serves as a temporary solution, enabling the migration script for your site to give your plugin and theme authors some more time to update, and test their code.

This option was added for WordPress 5.5 which remove outdated jQuery which some themes/plugins previously use. Enabling this option would temporarily prevent outdated jQuery uses issue.

2. Loader Setting

In this part, you can setup a general loader type that will be used on certain elements such as post-split, module block, mega menu, and side-feed element.

  1. Post Split Loader Style
    Choose loader type that will be using on post split. Please note, this option will appear if JNews Post Split plugin enabled.
  2. Module Loader Style
    Choose loader type that will be used on the module.
  3. Mega Menu Loader Style
    Choose loader type that will be used on the mega menu.
  4. Sidefeed Loader Style
    Choose loader type that will be used on the sidefeed.
  5. Sidefeed Ajax Overlay Loader Style
    Choose loader type that will be used on the sidefeed ajax.

3. Post Date Setting

Choose which post date type that you want to show for the global post date meta.

4. GDPR Compliance

Please refer to this link for additional information

5. Analytics / Tracking

Insert Google Analytics Property ID to enable Google Analytics on your site.

6. Custom Post Type

Enable products post type and their custom taxonomy as a content filter.

7. Global API Key

  1. Youtube API
    Insert your Youtube API here. For more information please visit this page. This API will be required by JNews Youtube/Vimeo Playlist.
  2. Enable Recaptcha
    Enable this feature to use the captcha feature in the login section. Please insert your google Recaptcha site key and secret key if you enable this option. For additional information, please visit this link.

8. Speed Optimization

Please refer to this page for more additional information regarding the Speed Optimization option.