Configuring Social Counter Widget

Table of Contents

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitch

1. Facebook

  • First, configure the Facebook credential at CustomizerJNews : Additional OptionGlobal API KeyFacebook API.
  • Create a new Facebook App by clicking this link.
  • Create your first App by pressing Create App

  • Choose Consumer as your app type.

  • Submit the Display Name and App contact email. Business Account information is optional. Then Create App.

  • Submit your Facebook credential to confirm the app creation. After the app has been created successfully, navigate to the new app you just created then go to SettingBasic.

  • Submit the Privacy Policy URL & User data deletion. This field is required to change the App Mode to live.
  • Now, you can set your app live by clicking on the App Mode toggle.
  • You can obtain App ID & App secret which later needed at CustomizerJNews : Additional OptionGlobal API KeyFacebook API.
  • After submitting Facebook App API to the customizer, click on the link to connect to your Facebook account.
  • Lastly, you will need to configure the social counter widget. Please navigate to DashboardAppearanceWidgets and add JNews – Social Counter Widget if you have not done so.
  • In the widget, go to GeneralSocial Account and choose Facebook Page as the Social Account. The Social URL should be the page ID you wish to obtain the follower count from.
  • To get the page ID, go to your Facebook dashboard then navigate to the Page. Choose a page and go to the About tab.

  • You can get the page ID information in the More info section.
  • If everything is configured accordingly, the Facebook counter should work and displays directly on your site.


2. Twitch

  • To configure Twitch social counter, you first have to submit the API information at CustomizerJNews : Additional OptionGlobal API KeyTwitch API.
  • You can create Twitch App at

  • Fill in all the information then click on the Create to create the app.

  • After creating the App, click on manage. Click on the New Secret to create new secret then save the App.
  • Use the Client ID & Client Secret to CustomizerJNews : Additional OptionGlobal API KeyTwitch API.

  • Click on the link to connect to your Twitch account and obtain the toke needed for the Twitch social counter to function.
  • After successful login, you can configure your social counter widget and use the Twitch user name as the Social URL.