Virtual Tour Documentation

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Change Log

- [IMPROVEMENT] Compatibility with WordPress 6
- [BUG] Fixed image issue on the tooltip
- [IMPROVEMENT] Compatibility with WordPress 5.9
- [IMPROVEMENT] Compatibility with PHP 8
- [IMPROVEMENT] Compatibility with WPBakery Page Builder 6.9
- [IMPROVEMENT] Compatibility with Elementor 3.6
- [IMPROVEMENT] Compatibility with WooCommerce 6.4
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add support and documentation link on plugin dashboard
- [IMPROVEMENT] Refreshing plugin dashboard style
- [BUG] Fixed tooltip issue issue
- [IMPROVEMENT] Magnific popup support at fullscreen mode
- [BUG] Gallery on new hotspot issue
- [BUG] Fix safari z-index issue
- [BUG] Fix hotspot image style issue
- [BUG] Fix tooltip shows scrollbar
- [BUG] Fix tooltip overlapped by hotspot
- [BUG] Incorrect image size after inserting image hotpot icon
- [BUG] Fix update notification & auto update issue
- [BUG] Fix tooltip not showing on fullscreen
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add fallback panorama image option
- [BUG] Fix slider control issue
- [BUG] Fix image icon issue
- [NEW FEATURE] Ability to show edit button on the panorama preview
- [BUG] Fix custom image icon for hotspot
- [BUG] Fix custom image icon for tour
- [IMPROVEMENT] Compatibility with WordPress 5.5
- [IMPROVEMENT] Optimize image display on panorama dashboard
- [IMPROVEMENT] Update default setting for panorama map
- [BUG] Fix wpColorPickerL10n issue
- [NEW FEATURE] Ability to show add to cart button on WooCommerce product popup
- [NEW FEATURE] Ability to use ajax on add to cart button
- [NEW FEATURE] Ability to update cart item for WooCommerce fragment by using ajax
- [IMPROVEMENT] Update element icon for WPBakery and Elementor
- [BUG] Fix duplicate id attribute of checkbox control on the DOM element
- [NEW FEATURE] Ability to use image URL for panorama image ( hosted, external resource, or CDN )
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add register activation plugin
- [IMPROVEMENT] Optimize backend speed performance
- [IMPROVEMENT] Enable open link in new tab for documentation page link
- [BUG] Fix duplicate id attribute on the DOM element
- [IMPROVEMENT] String translation update for backend option
- [IMPROVEMENT] Compatibility with WordPress 5.4
- [IMPROVEMENT] Compatibility with PHP 7.4
- [IMPROVEMENT] Compatibility with WPBakery Page Builder 6.1
- [IMPROVEMENT] Compatibility with Elementor 2.9.7
- [IMPROVEMENT] Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.0.1
- [IMPROVEMENT] String translation update
- [IMPROVEMENT] Thumbnail dimension update for post and product
- First Release