Install Plugin

JNews bundled with several plugins which is Built In Plugins, Premium Plugin and most popular Recommended Plugins. All included plugins are well tested and fully compatible with JNews.

You can simply activate specify plugin that you need for your website and deactivate them if you don’t need it. You can increase your website performance by activate necessary plugins only.

Right after you finish activating JNews, you will need to install Required Plugins for this themes, which is mandatory to install and activate them to make JNews work as expected. Here’s the list of all required plugins that you need to install :

  • WPBakery Visual Composer
  • Vafpress Post Formats UI

Beside required plugins, you might want to install built in and recommended plugins for JNews in order get specify functionality for your site. Please check our documentation page for more detail about Built In Plugins and Recommended Plugins for JNews.


Install via JNews Plugin Dashboard

  1. You can easily access JNews Plugin Dashboard from JNews Dashboard → Plugin
  2. If you’ve on the JNews Plugin Dashboard you just need to hit Install & Activated button to install and activate the plugin or hit Activate button to activate the plugin that already installed.


Install via TGM Plugin Activation

  1. To install plugin via TGM Plugin Activation, please go to Appearance → Install Plugins
  2. If you’ve on the Plugin Dashboard you just need to choose specify plugin that you want to install. Then hit the Install button to install and wait until installing process finish.
  3. After installing process finish, you will prompted return into Plugin Dashboard by hit Return to Required Plugins Installer button.
  4. Then you can activate the plugin by hit Activate button.


Visual Composer Plugin

After you activate Visual Composer plugin, you will be prompt to activate the license for this plugin. JNews included a license for this plugin so you don’t need to activate the license or buy the new license of this plugin. You don’t need to worry, Visual Composer plugin will still works fine with JNews. If there’s an update version of Visual Composer plugin, we will include it on the new version of JNews Theme.


We highly recommend you to check your System Status in order to make JNews would work as expected. You can find more complete information about system requirement for JNews by following this link.