How To Install Template Kit

December 21, 2020

Do you have a problem when installing or importing the Template Kit?

No need to worry, in this tutorial we will guide you on how to install and import Template Kit into your website with ease.

A Template Kit is a collection of pre-designed templates for Elementor that share a cohesive visual style.

You can purchase Template Kits from ThemeForest and you can use the Template Kit – Import plugin from Envato to easily import those templates into your WordPress site.


Once you import our Template Kit item, you will love it!

The tutorial is separated into the sections below. Click on it to navigate to the designated section.

  1. Installing Template Kit (#)
  2. Global Style (#)
  3. Inserting Templates (#)
  4. Header and Footer Setup (#)
  5. FAQ (#)


1. Installing Template Kit (#)

See the video below for guidance on how to install the Template Kit. It will give you a basic outlook for installing the Template Kit and should be good enough information for a quick start.

For more detailed information, follow the instruction below:

  1. Install the plugin from Plugins > Add New by searching for Template Kit Import.
    – If you must use FTP to install plugins, you can download them from
  2. Once the plugin is activated, go to Tools > Template Kit
  3. Click on Upload Template Kit ZIP file to browse to your zip file and import.
  4. Your Template Kit preview will appear. Click View Installed Kit
  5. An orange banner will appear if your kit requires additional free plugins. Click Install Requirements for details.
  6. A popup will appear listing the plugins your kit needs to be installed or activated. Click Install Requirements to proceed.
  7. Now you may begin importing your templates by clicking the Import Template button on the desired template.- Avoid clicking too many at once. Your browser can typically only handle up to 3-4 at a time.
    – Import Global Kit Styles first, followed by any other Global templates for best results.


2. Global Style (#)

It is important to install the global style before inserting the template into your page. You can install global style in the Installing Template Kit step. Please follow the instruction below after step 7.

    1. Import Global Kit Styles by clicking on “Import Template”
    2. After importing the template, go to Elementor > Tools then Regenerate CSS & Sync Library


3. Inserting Templates (#)

Any templates you import via the WP Admin area will be saved in your Elementor Template library and may be accessed inside the builder, too! This makes it easy to combine templates or use available blocks to build or enhance new layouts. Before you start inserting the template, make sure that you have followed the instruction at Global Style.

  1. Open the Elementor Builder, and click on the Envato button
  2. A modal window will appear displaying your installed kits. Click View Installed Kit to view the templates or blocks you want to add
  3. Click Insert Template to insert the block into your page
  4. Make sure to also assign Elementor Canvas as the page layout

Insert Template Kit Demonstration

SYNTRA – SEO & Digital Marketing Agency Template Kit is one of the template kit available in Envato Market. Fully-featured Elementor Template Kit dedicated to marketing services like SEO, Digital Agency, Website Development, Optimization, etc. It has an awesome and clean design combined with beautiful illustrations with trendy colors. Syntra is built for the Elementor page builder plugin for WordPress and is compatible with most Elementor themes.

To install this template kit first, there are some plugins required. Conveniently, those plugins will be installed automatically during inserting the template kit. Those plugins are as follows:

  1. ElementsKit Lite
  2. Element Pack Lite – Addon for Elementor
  3. Essential Addons for Elementor
  4. Elementor – Header, Footer & Blocks

Not all Template Kit will have this level of convenience. Some require manual plugins installation, some require fewer plugins, and some do require more.

This Template Kit uses demo images from Envato Elements. You will need to license these images from Envato Elements to use them on your website, or you can substitute them with your own. This is also true for some other Template Kit.


4. Header & Footer Setup (#)

To insert template kit header and footer across your site, please follow the instructions as follows:

      1. First, make sure you have a menu ready for the header/footer. Go to Appearance > Menu to create the menu
      2. Go to Dashboard > ElementsKit and select Header Footer
      3. Select Add New to insert new header or footer
      4. A window will be prompted and fill all the inputs. After you are done, click on the Edit Content to edit the template.
      5. You will be presented by Elementor Builder, and click on the Envato button
      6. An installed template kit window will be prompt.
      7. Insert the Header/Footer template
      8. Remember to assign a menu and save the header/footer template
      1. Make sure to also assign Elementor Full Width as the page layout

5. FAQ (#)

  • Press Elements Plugin is Missing
    About the missing Press Elements plugin issue, currently, the plugin has been temporarily disabled on, which’s why you can’t install it. Please try to download the plugin file in this link. Then you just need to install the plugin via the WordPress plugin dashboard as usual.




We hope now you know how to utilize the Template Kit for your needs. Check out all our Template Kits at ThemeForest. Happy innovating!