Review Option

In Review Option, we are providing global option that all review will use. Those option are :

  1. Choose your review page : If you are using review, you will mandatory to fill this option. At first, you will need to crate page with with Review Page Template. After that, back to this option and choose your page previously created.
  2. Text in front of price text : Fill text in front of your price. It can be $, or € or other currency sign
  3. Text behind of price text : if your currency text not in front of price, you can use this option instead.
  4. Show Price Widget : if you are using this review also for your referral to other marketplace like Amazon, or other, you have option where to place price widget. It can be inside the review article, bottom on review box, or both.
    Review Price Widget
  5. Hide review Top Bar : as like post, you can also hide top bar that hold category & date
  6. Hide review meta : You can also hide review meta that hold author name, date, and total comment
  7. Hide Share Bar : By turning this option on (enable) you can hide share bar with short url
  8. Hide Author Box : enable this option to hide author box on review page.
  9. Hide Next and Prev Review : Hide previous & Next review by enabling this option