Jmagz Translation

To fully translate Jmagz, you should translate both Jmagz Themes & Jmagz plugin. you can change text by using POEDIT that available for mac & windows.

on Jmagz Themes you can find PO file on Jmagz Themes folder > lang > en_US.po. After changing word you need, you will need to save it, and it will generate MO file. both PO & MO file will required for WordPress able to translate your word perfectly.

and on Jmagz Plugin you can find PO file onĀ  Jmagz Plugin folder > lang > jmagz-plugin-en_US.po

also if you need to translate your website into another language, please consider to change locale (that currently to en_US / american english) to anther language.

example for :

  1. en_US.po to it_IT.po for italian translation themes file.
  2. jmagz-plugin-en_US.po to jmagz-plugin-it_IT.po forĀ italian translation plugin file.