Included Plugin

We are include JKreativ themes with several plugin. Those plugin is tested and modified to fit with this themes. If you’re using another plugin that not come with this themes, you will need to do some custom change on plugin or themes so it can work perfectly.

To access & install plugin, please go to AppearanceInstall Plugins

For more detail information about installing required plugin you can take a look right here.

Note Please Note : Only enable plugin that you really need to make site load faster.

Plugin that we include are :

  1. JPlugin (required)
  2. Jmagz Plugin (required)
  3. Visual Composer (required)
  4. WP Retina 2x (required)
  5. WordPress Popular Post (required)
  6. Regenerate Plugin (required)


JPlugin & Jmagz Plugin

This plugin is the main pugin for Jmagz themes and it’s mandatory to install.

Because of new rule on Themeforest we need to separate themes styling and functionality that mean to be placed on plugin.

You will not see any portfolio post type, or landing slider type, metabox or any other functionality that should be integrated with the themes if you not install and activate this plugin.



Visual Composer

Visual Composer is a fantastic plugin that adds a drag & drop page builder to your WordPress theme. If you new to Visual Composer, get started how to use Visual Composer you can take a look right here.

This plugin is required for page builder.



WP Retina 2x

This plugin is required to install for your themes. This plugin will check for any retina device, and trying to replace image if retina image available.



WordPress Popular Post

We use this plugin to count your popular post. this plugin is useful when you using visual composer when generating the front page.


Regenerate Plugin

When first time you use the jmagz plugin but you already have content, you will need to invoke regenerate image at least once. its to create image that fit with the current themes need.


Woo Commerce

This plugin is optional to use for JKreativ themes.

If you planing to show your product and sell something inside your website, you have option to do this. For more information how to use this plugin please refer to this link.