Post Option

on Post Option at Jmagz dashboard, you have option to show / hide many option on single post blog.

  1. Hide Post Top Bar : Post top bar is the most top element of post, its hold bread crumb, and date.  Enable this option hide this bar.
  2. Hide Post Meta : Post meta is element below the Post title, it contain Author Name, Date, and Number of comment,  Enable this option to hide this bar.
  3. : Share bar hold sharing button and also short URL that people can copy when click and easy remember the url.  Enable this option to hide this bar
  4. : Author box is detail of author who write article. Enable this option to hide author box.
  5. : Hide post tag.
  6. : Show several number of related post inside article.
    Related article inside Post
  7. : Hide Related PostRelated Post
  8. : hide previous & next article recommendation on the bottom of page.Next Previous Post
  9. : Hide Post Recommendation Popup
    Recomendation Popup