Ads Setting

As what we write on themes demo page, we are also providing you with responsive ad. We having 9 Ad placement not including with widget / page builder.

Ads type. You will need to choose ad style. You can choose from Image ads that you provide your self. Google ads, or script ad code.

Google ads

  1. Publisher ID : this option usually named as data-ad-client on google script or google_ad_client
  2. Ads Slot ID  : this option usually named as data-ad-slot or google_ad_slot
  3. Desktop Ads Size : size of ads that will show on desktop. if you are not sure what to fill, you can leave this option empty.
  4. Tab ads Size : size of ads that will show on Tablet
  5. Phone Ads Size : size of ads that will show only on Phone

Placement of ads :

  1. Sidefeed ads : this ads will show on side feed. both on review or post.
    Sidefeed Ads
  2. Top Menu Ads : this top menu ads will only show if you choose two line navigation
    Top Menu Ads
  3. Top Wrapper Ads : this ads will show below breaking news and above content container.Top Wrapper Ads
  4. Side Wrapper ads (Left & right) : show on side wrapper container.Side Wrapper Ads
  5. Inline Content Ads : Ads that placed inside the content. You can choose where to place the ads (ads position, right / left) and which paragraph to inject the ads. Or you can use our intelligent ads system that will put your ads on the best place.inline Ads
  6. Archive and Search Wrapper : ads that place on bottom of search & archive templateArchive & Search Ads
  7. Floating Mobile Ads : is the best place to put your ads on mobile site. its common place to put ads on mobile.Floating Mobile Ads
  8. Background Ads : background ads and have clickable area on right & left wrapper.