Navigation Menu

Create Navigation Menu

Before you can use several option for Navigation Menu from Customizer, you wil need to create Menu from AppereanceMenus and choose create a new menu option.

Create a New Menu


Navigation Position

You have 4 Menu position and additional 1 more menu if you enable WooCommerce Plugin.

Main Side Navigation

Main Side Navigation

Side Navigation Bottom

 Side Navigation Bottom

Top Navigation

Top Navigation

Mobile navigation

Mobile Navigation


Account Navigation

Account Navigation (Only if WooCommerce enabled) – you will have 4 position which is on Top Navigation, Side Header, Mobile Navigation, and Normal Account Page.

Top Navigation

My Account - Top Navigation

Mobile Navigation

 My Account - Mobile Navigation

Side Navigation

My Account - Side Navigation

Account Page

My Account Page

General Navigation Setup & Position We also provide options to setting General Navigation Setup and Navigation Position. For more detail information you can take a look on General Navigation Setup and Navigation Position.