Create Columns

Create Columns – Visual Composer

We are using quite different method to add column on Visual Composer. We are disabling top column spliting but only enable inner row & column spliting. You can follow the instruction below to add column on Visual Composer :

  1. First you need to Add Row (this row will be a section).

    Add Element Add Row

  2. Then you will need to Add Row once again by select Add Element Button Inside Row after that select Row element and this row will be a column on these row that you’ve created previously.

    Add Elements Button Inside Row

    Column Options

  3. You also can setup width size on each column. You just need to click Edit Row Setting (pencil button) like the image on above and choose Width & Responsiveness Option.

    Width Column Settings

    Column Preview

    Column Preview


Create Columns – Legacy Section Builder

Our layout is implemented grid system that can be divide into 12 columns inside row. Each section can have unlimited number of rows.

You can follow the instruction below to add column on Legacy Section Builder :

  1. First you need to Add Row to begining create grid layout.

    JKreativ General Shortcode

    General Shortcode List

    Grid Row

  2. After that you need to Add new column inside existing row.

    Grid Column

    Column Preview

    Column Preview