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Create Blog List Page

We provide several blog template, you can create blog post listing by creating a page and selecting blog page template.

To create Blog list page, just go to PagesAdd New and select template :

  • Blog – Clean Layout
  • Blog – Masonry Layout
  • Blog – Normal Layout
  • Blog – Wide Layout

JKreativ Blog List Page Template

Blog Page - Layout Type

On each blog template, you will have option unable to show Sharing Button and Top Meta or Bottom Meta. You also able to filter content (include or exclude) by Category or Tag and set number of post on your blog page list.

Blog Page Feature


Blog Layout Preview


Blog – Clean Layout

Clean Blog Layout

Blog – Masonry Layout

Masonry Blog Layout

Blog – Normal Layout

Normal Blog Layout

Blog – Wide Layout

Wide Blog Layout


Create Single Blog Post

We provide 8 blog post type, you can choose blog post type that you wan to use and selecting template for Single Blog Post.

To create Single Blog Post, just go to PostsAdd New and select blog post type :

  • Standard
  • Quote
  • Image Slider
  • Vimeo
  • YouTube
  • SoundCloud
  • HTML 5 Video
  • Advertisement

JKreativ Single Blog Post Format

JKreativ Blog Format

Featured Image

Featured Image - Single Blog Post

On each Single Blog Post, you can override Single Blog Genereal Template setting by enabling JKreativ Blog Template option when you create a post, and use unique setting for each single blog post.

  • Normal Layout
  • Clean Layout
  • Cover Layout
  • Wide Layout

JKreativ Single Blog Post Template Options

Single Blog General Template We also provide Single Blog General Template option. You can setup this option on JKreativ Dashboard. For more detail information you can take a look right here


Single Blog Post Format Preview


Standard Format

Blog Format - Standard

Quote Format

Blog Format - Quote

Image Slider Format

Blog Format - Image Slider

Vimeo Format

Blog Format - Vimeo

YouTube Format

Blog Format - YouTube

SounCloud Format

Blog Format - SoundCloud

HTML 5 Video Format

Blog Format - HTML 5 Video

Advertisement Format

Blog Format - Advertisement