WooCommerce & Job Package

WooCommerce in this plugin is optional plugin to install. On this theme, we mainly use WooCommerce as bridge for payment system (cart, checkout, and payment gateway). We also use Products to create the Job Packages.

If you don’t want to install WooCommerce, this theme will also work fine without it. Your users will still be able to submit or create vacancies, however you will not be able to charge for submissions. By installing WooCommerce, you will be able to charge your customer and make money using your website.

Creating Job Package

Creating job packages is easy. You just need to go to ProductsAdd ProducsProduct Dataon Product Type, Choose Job Package.


You will notice that you have several options here.

  1. : this option limits the amount of job posts employers can create. Each time they submit a new job, it will reduce the amount of posts they have left.
  2. : this option limits the amount of featured jobs employers can publish. Each time they submit a new job with the featured listing checked, this number will be reduced.
  3. : job listings must have a time limit set. You can control how long a job listing will show based on the job package your users choose. Once the job listing duration is reached, their job listing will expire and no longer be shown on the site.
  4. : by clicking “Feature this job package” it will highlight this job package on the job packages table.
  5. : this option gives the capability to all users that buy this package to see the resume list. This is a handy feature for employers to reach new candidates.




This theme does also supports the selling of physical and downloadable products. If you are wanting to sell products on your website, you will have the ability to do this via the shop. For more information how to use this plugin please refer to this link.

Shop Page


Shop Page Widget

You will able to put a sidebar widget on the shop page. You can set it up on the WordPress DashboardAppearanceWidgets