Included Plugins

We have included several plugins in the Jobplanet theme. These plugins are tested and modified to work correctly with this theme. Word of caution: If you are using other plugins not included with this theme, you may need to make some custom changes to the plugin(s) or the theme so they can work together correctly.

To access & install plugins, please go to AppearanceInstall Plugins For more detailed information about installing required plugins you can take a look right here.

Note Please Note : Only enable plugins that you truly need on your site in order to keep site loading times fast.
Plugins that we include are :

  1. JPlugin (required)
  2. Jobplanet Plugin (required)
  3. WPBakery Visual Composer (required)
  4. Advanced Responsive Video Embedder (recommended)
  5. Contact Form 7 (recommended)
  6. Responsive Lightbox (recommended)
  7. WooCommerce (recommended)

JPlugin & Jobplanet Plugin

This plugin is the main plugin for the Jobplanet theme. It is mandatory to install this plugin for the theme to work.

Because of a new rule on Themeforest we are required to separate theme styling and functionality by placing them in a plugin.

You will not see the portfolio post type, landing slider, metabox or any other functionality that should be integrated with the theme if you do not install and activate this plugin.

Visual Composer

Visual Composer is a fantastic plugin that adds a drag & drop page builder to your WordPress theme. If you are new to Visual Composer, learn how to use Visual Composer by taking a look right here. This plugin is required for the page builder.

Advance Responsive Video Embedder

Advance Responsive Video Embedder is a plugin which handles video embeds on your WordPress. It’s very easy and simply to use. If you new are to Advance Responsive Video Embedder, learn how to use Advance Responsive Video Embedder by taking a look over here.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular plugins for build forms on WordPress. It is optional to install this plugin, you can use another contact form plugin if you don’t feel that this plugin will suit your needs. For more detailed information about Contact Form 7 you can take a look right here.

Responsive Lightbox

We have also added Responsive Lightbox as an optional plugin to the list. During the plugin installation process, you will also see Responsive Lightbox plugin in the list. This plugin gives your images power by showing a popup lightbox of the image instead of redirecting users to the image attachment page.

You have the choice to either install it or not to. If you have a similar plugin in mind to use for your site, you are free to use that plugin as an alternate solution.


This plugin is optional to use in the Jobplanet theme. If you are planning to show and sell products on your website, you do have option to do this with WooCommerce. For more information on how to use this plugin please refer to this link.