Child Theme

If you plan to extensively customize this theme we have provided a child theme which is bundled in the theme files. The child theme is essential for customized installs (and will not be overwritten on theme version upgrades) and will help you achieve any customization you may desire. Installing the child theme is quite easy and is basically the same operation as installing the Jobplanet Theme. This section will guide you through installing the Jobplanet child theme.

After downloading the Jobplanet package from Themeforest you will need to extract those file, install the main Jobplanet theme, and then find zip file with the name . This is the child theme file for Jobplanet.



1. Go to Appearance → Themes on your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

2. Then click the Add New button at the top of the page and choose the Upload Theme option.

3. Upload the file (look at the image above) and click Install Now

4. Once the upload has finished, click the Activate button, now you’re ready to customize the Jobplanet Theme to your own specific needs.

Child Theme After installing the child theme you need to go to wp-content/themes/jobplanet-child/ there you will find several files (functions.php & style.css) and folders (lib & template). Place your custom code appropriately in those files. If you have additional files that you would like to use, you may put those files into appropriate the lib or template folders.