Flickr Feed

Flickr is a photo-sharing website and online community site that is an example of a Web 2.0 application. As a popular website for sharing personal photos, this service is used by many bloggers as a photo repository. Flickr Feed will get your photos on Flickr and will automatically display them on your site.

Flickr Option

  • Settings
    1. Title
      Title on widget header.
    2. Flickr Username
      Insert your Flickr username.
    3. Flickr ID
      Get your user id from your Flickr account here.
    4. Set Column
      Choose number of column widget.
    5. Set Row
      Choose number of row widget.
    6. Hover Style
      Choose hover effect style.
    7. Follow Button Text
      Leave it empty if you wont to show it.
    8. Open New Tab
      Open Flickr profile page on new tab.