Payment Settings

Payment Settings

This setting is required if you use the post paywall product type, so your user can pay using Paypal and create a billing agreement for the subscription.

You need to create a Paypal app & credentials here. After you create Paypal app & credentials, please go to Paypal Subscription payment settings in WooCommerce → Settings → Payments → Paypal Subscription


You need a PayPal Business account to use PayPal Subscriptions

  1. Sandbox Mode
    Turn on this option if you using Sandbox APP credentials.
  2. PayPal APP Client ID
    Insert your PayPal app Client ID.
  3. PayPal APP Client Secret
    Insert Your PayPal app Client Secret.
  4. Receiver email
    Insert your main receiver email for your PayPal account here. This is used to validate IPN requests.
  5. Payment Timezone
    Choose your PayPal account Time zone. You can check it on PayPal > Account Settings > Account preferences > Time zone or you can click here