Create Epic Gallery

General Gallery Setting

Right after you’ve done with the plugin activation, next you can setup general plugin settings to fit with your website’s need. You can access general gallery setting by simply go to WP Dashboard → Apperance → Customize → EPIC: Gallery Setting

  • Gallery Default Option
    In this part you will need to setup several options. These options will be default options for Epic Gallery.

    1. Turn All Gallery to Epic Gallery
      Enabling this option will turn all default slider into Epic Gallery.
    2. Use Slider Zoom with Description
      Turn on this option if you want to show image caption when gallery zoomed.
    3. Show Ads Wrapper
      Turn on this option if you want to show ads when gallery is zoomed.
    4. Preview Slider Loader Style
      On this option you can choose loader style that you want to use for general gallery.

We also provide ad space on gallery preview. You can setup it by installing Epic Advertisement.


The gallery option setting above is a global setting. It means, when you change this setting, all of your gallery settings will follow it. But you can override each of these settings on your single gallery with Epic Gallery Setting. We will explain how to set up it later in this article.


Create Gallery

Right after you’ve done with the plugin activation and doing setup general option for the gallery, you can create a gallery with Epic Gallery on a single post or page.

In this part we will guide you how easy to create a beautiful gallery with Epic Gallery feature easily. Please visit our documentation about it on this page.