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    September 2, 2018 at 6:12 am #36032

    Hello, I am once again requesting this refund, because once again this author is selling a product different from the one announced in the demonstration.

    I will describe some problems:
    1- the grid modules, it is not the way it shows in the example, and it was exactly through this module that I acquired it.

    2 – In the css edition, even with the Yellow Pencil Pro plugin, it is impossible to change and customize them. There are modules that only edit together, when they should be individually, and some models that I want to individually customize only change in a group.

    If need be, I reinstall the plugin, set it up, record a video, and submit it for evaluation.

    The problem of these authors, it is very easy to sell a defective product and to hide behind the norms of the packaging.

    If I do not have a refund with this product, I will have to cancel my account in the packaging, because it is a fraudulent trade, with sellers without respect with customer, or I will open a vendor account and see the same plugin for half of the value until I have my be refunded.

    It is not the first product I buy and comes with problem, or lack of support.

    I think you guys should be banning that kind of salesman.

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    September 3, 2018 at 11:38 am #36070

    hi albertohduarti,

    1. may i know how its different from our demo site?

    2. may i know what kind of customisation do you want? we may able to help you with it.

    we are never try to sell false product. what we provide on our landing page is what we sell. we been become author for about 6 years. and we never try to cheat. its not a sustainable business model we think.

    if you need refund for this product, please escalate your refund request to themeforest. they surely will help you with this request.

    Thank you

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