Social Share Setting

On EPIC: Social Share Setting, you will find 2 section which is Share Bar Setting and Share Icon Setting.

In this part, we will briefly guide you about all about Epic Social Share options.


Share Bar Setting

1. Content Share Position

  1. Content Share Position
    Choose share position around the content.
  2. Top Share Type
    Choose the type of top share element.
  3. Bottom Share Type
    Choose the type of bottom share element.
  4. Float Share Type
    Choose the type of float share element.
  5. Share Style
    Choose the share element style.
  6. Share Color
    Set the color of share element.


2. Side Share Position

  1. Side Share Position
    Enable share position on the side area and choose the position.
  2. Side Share Type
    Choose the type of side share element.


3. Mobile Share Position

  1. Mobile Share
    Enable share on the mobile view.


Share Icon Setting

1. Share Bar Social Icon

  1. Main Share Network
    Main share network will always show on your share post container. Fill share text if you need your share button to have share text on it, but leave it empty to make it look like default button.
  2. Secondary Share Network
    Secondary share network will not be shown until the user click plus (+) button on your share container.


2. Share Bar Detail

  1. Twitter Account
    Default Twitter account (username) as share reference.