Support & Documentation website Refresh

April 18, 2017

We are welcoming you to new support forum  & documentation.  There is some change made on this website.

  1. Login & Register
    Envato recently release new API for marketplace. and we also utilize this new API on our support forum. You going to notice that you can login using both username and envato account. Its very convenience way to login into support, also it will grab your recently bought item (only from Jegtheme). So you don’t need to enter any license anymore.
  2. Support Period
    By default, you will get 6 month support period after you bought the themes from themeforest. but you can also extend those support period by buying support extend package. For more information about item support policy you can read right here. Our support forum also reflect this change.
  3. Responsive
    You can view support forum & documentation from any device now.  We support responsive design now on our new support forum.

We really hope this new support forum improve your experience when accessing documentation or requesting support.