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    1. Unable to install the themes, missing stylesheet
      please take a look at this article :
    2. Where i find the documentation
      When you download the file, you will need to extract those zipped file. you will get documentation folder and find file named as index. Double click those file, and Documentation will show on your browser.
    3. How to change curvy header & footer with straight header & footer in demo site.
      in packaging there is folder named navigation. you can find 2 file header.png & footer.png. you will need to upload those image to Style / Color Option > General > Header Background for header & Footer Background for footer.
    4. Music keep restarting.
      You will need to curtain effect on : Jphotolio admin panel > General Setting > General > Enable Curtain Effect.
    5. Unable to send email using SMTP Setting:

      • make sure that your server able to hit google server, you may need to contact your server administrator and ask him if your server able to ping google mail server.
      • make sure you able to send & receive message from your google mail / google aps account.
      • Don’t use your own email as email sender. you can create some account named as [email protected] as email sender. you may not able receive email because google prevent user from sending email to their self.
    6. How to optimize image & what size that fit on front slider?
      please take a look at our buyers article about how to optimize image and what size to be considered on front slider.
    7. Author give me some css code. where i need to put it?
      Go to JPhotolio admin panel > Style / Color Option > Additional > and put your those css on Additional CSS box
    8. on page / blog post, when creating gallery and click it to zoom, it will only show close button not image. how to fix it?
      when you creating image gallery for your post, take a look at “ATTACHMENT DISPLAY SETTINGS”, and find Link to, those value must setted to mediafile instead of attachment page.
    9. How to setup password protected portfolio
      When you creating / editing portfolio item, on right side you will find box named as Publish. click Edit on Visibility, and Choose Password Protected, and fill your password.
    10. How to give alternate text bellow navigation menu.
      When creating menu, on top right side, click screen option, and check description (Show advanced menu properties). Now click your menu, and fill description textarea box.
    11. How to update the themes.
      To update the themes, you will need to go to and Redownload the themes again. Than you will just need to do the same way you install themes from begining. Need no worry about data lost, all page, post, portfolio, setting will still the same, the only think you need to assign is menu position (not recreate entire menu, just reassign menu position).
      Tips: don’t overwrite your themes, sometime you may not satisfy with new themes and you will easily go back from new themes to old one.
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    May 8, 2014 at 2:19 pm #64

    XML Demo :

    You can download XML demo right here :
    Please not use this demo xml for your production site.

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