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June 28, 2014 at 2:05 pm #837

Hi Jegbagus,

1. The ccs code does not work on iPhone. The float filter shows, but when clicking on a category, the page do not load the content.
Suggestions: Place it as an icon at the position where the search shows, and dropdown as main menu icon works? As an option for sites which do not need much search function such as a photographer’s. (BTW, the search icon still shows on mobile despite the fact that I have disabled it).

2. I mean the portfolio list (filter) appears only on the portfolio main page (listing the galleries). From there, if you click on a gallery and enter that gallery (listing the pictures), the filter list is gone.
Suggestions: show the filter list even on single-portfolio template page, and show the name of the current categories and link to them (placed above the PREV LIST NEXT, same style as a metabox style)

3. My bad, if you enter a gallery by filter it first, it goes to the NEXT gallery in the same category. GOOD!

a) to be able to custum the slug of “portfolio-category” name.
b) to have an option to show a menu (or expand the portfolio list) on the top bar for a side-navigation site.
c) to have an option to add a widget (text or portfolio list) to the left side panel of side-content page.
d) to have an option to replace the PREV NEXT with nice arrows, and LIST with a “home” icon.
e) to add a single-column-portfolio template layout, as it shows on this site: of a top level photographer. Preferably add SHORTLIST | FB | TWITTER under each image. AND LOOK AT the shortlist function, it allows one collect and download images chosen! Very useful for promoting one’s images via agents. Best photographer site I ever seen.

I would like to empgasize the importance of single-columned portfolio page for a photographer site. If you have only 2-6 images to show in a portfolio gallery (best shots from a job), for a quick overview of all images in full format (1800px height suits best for portrait images on screen), to scroll the middle mouse or scroll bar of the browser is much faster than click click click…. close full screen… back… then again click…

All themes I have seen and bought (10+) seems forgot that simplicity is gold. By using lightbox, as many do these days, a photographer site become very click-heavy.

Well, hoping for the next release coming soon! Keep up the good job!