Reply To: Add a SUBMIT button to the main page header

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January 14, 2019 at 11:48 am #42112

Hi Samkarpenter,

1. For adding the “SUBMIT” button for Front-End Article submissions. Please go to Customizer > JNews : Header Option, after in there the header builder will show up. please add a button to your chosen bar. after adding the button please go to Customizer > JNews : Header Option > Header - Button Element, please configure your button text, style, and the link. for the link, you can use http://your.domain/editor. please check on my screenshot.

2. For the Google Ads, May I know where you configure the ads?

3. In this case, can you provide me with your post that having this issue also can you provide me the login access to your website? we need to check it on our side what the causing the problem.

Thank you