Reply To: Blank ads for some Google Ad Manager (GPT) tags

October 12, 2018 at 3:59 pm #38170

I’m not sure how I can explain it better if you did not understand that…

Detail Category Customizer & Extended Category Option (those are your plugins)

(in private full URL is there)

GO TO /travel (set to NOT override category settings)
GO TO /lifestyle (set to NOT override category settings)
GO TO / news or /business or /sport (set to NOT override category settings)

NOTE that Travel & Lifestyle has a different header (two images next to each other) where Business, news, sport etc has different layout/more images.

I CANNOT CHANGE any of the custom settings for Lifestyle or Travel, it just won’t change! It is stuck on those two images and with sticky sidebar on I CANNOT CHANGE the settings it does not change not in the preview nor does it save the changes.
IF I disable Category Customizer plugin the Lifestyle ALL MESSED UP it’s got a left hand sidebar instead of right and grey background behind the category text and title.

Where in the database are the settings for the Category Customizer plugin stored? How do I fix this as it’s messing up a live site and why does lifestyle mess up are there any demo configurations messing it up?