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October 11, 2018 at 6:39 pm #38110

There was a problem with the performance of the site and the plugin JNews – Social Share.
I have a lot of content on the site. Social Share plugin, even with disabled View Counter and Share Counter creates additional requests and load on the database.
And this load is palpable on a large number of pages.
– JNews – View Counter – Disabled
– JNews – Social Share – Enebled
In the template settings, all counters are disabled.
Is it possible to optimize these queries in some way? Or if the counters are turned off all, then the counting, recording, updating data counters in the DB also turn off?
If it is not possible to optimize the Social Share plugin, I would be just satisfied with social buttons, without counters, and additional queries to the database.
The site as a whole without the active JNews – Social Share, generally works 3-5 times faster.
Thank you!