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October 9, 2018 at 11:07 am #37986

Hi Jobzella,

1&2&3 For Polylang plugin make sure you have to translate all of your posts. for some text, You can use the Frontend Translation feature. Please try to install JNews Frontend Translation plugin. For more information, you can check our documentation right here

4. I’ve been checking your website but it works fine on my side.

5. Which page that you mean?

6. Please use this CSS code below to fix the article split

7. Which display the main article that you mean?

8. Can you please provide me with an URL that has this issue?

9. Regarding this issue, you better contact the MailChimp support.

10. At the moment, we don’t have this feature.

11. Please, Can you provide me with an example?

12&13. It seems we need to do further investigation on your website. Can you please provide us with login access to your website? You can send it here and don’t forget to check Set as private reply option below.

14. At the moment, we don’t support on mobile for compatibility reason.

15. Make sure you have to set the MailChimp as well, if you still have this issue. you better contact the MailChimp support.

For Special Request, you can contact this email [email protected]

Thank you