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March 28, 2018 at 9:51 am #29995

Hi Communication Contact,

On JNews Social Share, there’s a request (fetch) share data counter process into each social media provider for the current single post. It may affect your server performance a bit but we already do several optimizations for JNews Social Share so we can get the better result.

We use WP Background Process ( to fetch share data counter from each social media provider. By using this way, fetch data process will become a background process (non-blocking asynchronous requests), so your server doesn’t need to wait until the fetch data process finish to load your website and it won’t affect your page speed performance.

Also, we only fetch share data counter when the data cache is expired (24 hours) rather than do a request every time the visitor reload your page.

Yes, you still can find that option on the customizer but you will need to install the related plugin to make it works. Let me know if you have further question.

Thank you