Reply To: I have altered the fontawesome but it doesn't update

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March 21, 2018 at 8:06 pm #29801

I saw one of your previous replies about adding custom images to replace social icons. However, since the social icon can appear on the website in several different varieties in several different locations, it is hard create a single image to replace a font symbol.
My solution was to change the font files. I created a vectorized image of the social icon I needed and replaced a symbol in the font file/s. I then uploaded and was hoping for the best, but it did not work. I then tried to disable all of the fonts by changing the file names like previously mentioned but the website still loaded them without any problems (I know that if I change the path it will break all of the font symbols and display boxes which is what I was hoping for.)

The social icon I am in need of at the moment is Bloglovin. I replaced the leaf symbol “\f06c” with the bloglovin icon.

This is what I tried to add (it’s not the best vector image but as small as icons are, the flaws wouldn’t be noticeable)


sfd(some tweaks in fontforge):