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March 17, 2018 at 7:19 am #29662

Hi Adek,

I am still having the following issues:

– The footer only appears on the home/landing page, but I want it to appear at the footer of all pages and posts. How do I do this?

– Font size and the link hover color of the top, main navigation menu:
– – This keeps coming up as blue. I was able to change the code in the “inspect element” section on Chrome with the following code, but this did not work when I tried it in either the Jkreativ Additional Style or Additional CSS:

– The search icon does not appear on the website, it only appears in the customizer window.
– – When editing the website in the “Customizer” panel, the search icon appears, however, it is not showing on the main page on a desktop or mobile when not viewing in the customizer panel. Website: and Customizer panel:

I would really appreciate your help with these items.

Thank you,