Reply To: Some mobile and desktop problems

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March 1, 2018 at 12:32 pm #29125


1 – 2) You can disable the Admin Toolbar in Settings > Users > Your Profile. Scroll down to “Toolbar” and uncheck “Show Toolbar when viewing site.”

3) This is known issue and we will provide update to fix this issue. For now, you could do it manually by updating file located at: jnews/class/Ajax/FirstLoadAction.php with this:

4) Could you tell me what phone and browser you use that having this issue? We don’t have this issue on our side.

5) Could you provide me the URL of this issue? So I can check it directly.

6) You could hide it by adding custom CSS code below:

7) This is Admin Toolbar, see poin 1 above.

8) I’m not sure, do you refer to like/dislike just like in the article? Unfortunately, there is no option for doing that, it most likely needs customization.

9) Actually, we haven’t tested this theme with BuddyPress yet, we will check it further.

10) You can set it up in Settings > Reading and change the number in the “Blog pages show at most” option.

Thank you