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November 18, 2017 at 3:39 am #25613

Hi Sur_Saanjh,

1. About submit automatically as Instant Article on Facebook we don’t have that kind of feature at the moment. You need to post (share) it manually on Facebook (we also use this way on for our Facebook Instant Article Demo).

Please make sure if you have been put your rss url (yoursitedomain/instant-articles) for Facebook Instant Article. To check, you can try to login to your Facebook Page the access Settings > Instant Articles > Configuration > Production RSS Feed then click refresh icon on the right side to force update.

For post (share) your article as instant article on Facebook you can find your post that ready as instant article on the Settings > Instant Articles > Configuration > Production Articles.

2. About error after insert inline image in a post, can you send me the post url that i can check on my side? Becuase the post that already your provide above doesn’t have any image on post content.

Also, please visit our documentation about Facebook Instant Article here then you need to check Custom transformer rules section.

3. About error <div class=”jeg_ad jeg_ad_article jnews_content_inline_ads”>, if the problem still persists after re-saving the post, please try to clear cache from your site or disable it just for a while.

Thank you