WPML translation- URGENT!

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    March 3, 2016 at 12:13 am #18865

    Hi, i am haveing an issue.
    I am using WPML for multilanguage website, i have translated the theme, the website is running multilingual, BUT

    on the wp-admin-Jobplanet – Dasboard-Required Page we have to choose the pages for account, job listing etc…

    The issue, i choose this when hte lagnuage is set in English
    on the front end – when i click on Edit account – edit cv etc is working, if i change to Norwegian all the pages what are set in Requierd Page are empty

    If i go to wp-admin, choose Norwegian, i set the Requierd Pages, then the edit account – edit cv etc is in norwegian, but when i choose English, the the page is empty

    This is a big issue, i have work 4 days to translate, this small think is creating a problem,

    Can you tell me how i can set if work the front page account for both employers and job seekers on both lanuages

    Solution, is to not choose from Requierd Pages, but use shortcodes, this will solve the isssue, can you provide me the shore codes for all the requierd pages?

    Thank you

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    March 7, 2016 at 4:40 am #18939

    hi lorandpa, its hard for me to tell you that we are not testing this themes with WPML.
    but we will explore possibility to implement what you requested, we not very sure that we can do it because this themes not build using what you ask at our mind.

    Thank you

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