Visual Composer Not Showing Up

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    March 15, 2015 at 11:49 pm #9992

    Hi, I have turned off the legacy builder and turned it back on. Nothing seems to show the visual composer button when I want to create a page. I have used the visual composer on another theme aka X theme and it worked great. A bit frustrated as I bought this new theme JKraptiv because it had visual composer. Of course after installing it the composer is an outdated version and of course there is no way in hell I can update it because license keys don’t work un less you buy it for 25 bucks, but why do that when it is suppose to be functional in some manner with this god forsaken theme, I am to busy increasing my PHP memory, the dummy data won’t load and I am about to go postal on my PC…………..That being said please help me understand why this is such an utter cluster cuss. If you can’t direct me to where I get a refund for this lovely pile of a time waster?


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    March 16, 2015 at 7:02 am #9994

    Hi mtort1977,

    Actually, Visual Composer only available on Landing Page – Visual Composer template and Portfolio Item with Extended Layout.

    You will not need to using license keys to updating those plugin because we’ve been bundled the plugin files with these theme jkreativ-themes/plugin/ You can take a look at our documentation about updating required plugin right here

    Please try to increase php execution limit time & wp_memory_limit (wp-config.php). May be you need to contact your hosting provider in order to change those configuration.

    Thank you

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