Vids are not displaying on posts and more issues

  • rahuljrark
    November 6, 2017 at 12:46 pm #25051

    Videos are going out of the post area and entering into the sidebar blob:

    Same thing is happening on the mobile. Only a small portion of the vid is visible.

    I am unable to change the look on the homepage. I imported a style but it still shows the posts in the default style. So I tried using another style and same thing happened and when I uninstalled the style, all the changes that I made were lost. I get a message saying backup the style but how do I do that? There’s no info regarding that.

    The Install Plugin option always appears blank like this

    When I try to install the Envato market plugin, I get this error Downloading install package from /var/www/…

    In the cusomizer even after I change the logo and if I make some changes, automatically your logo appears. In the footer, if I choose the option to use the style with a logo, it shows your logo, instead of mine and I couldn’t find the option to change the logo.

    Post count: 11428
    November 7, 2017 at 2:10 am #25074

    Hi rahuljrark,

    1. For video issue, can you please try to resend again a screenshot? This screenshot is broken

    2. For import issue, right after you finish importing process you need to clear your browser cache and doing hard refresh to see the changes. When you are trying to switch into another style (using another style) the changes you made before will override by new style. If you want to put back your previous changes, you can do uninstall the current demo that you use.

    Also, we have been provided some information before doing install and uninstall demo. Please check this image :

    3. About Install Plugin dashboard issue, did you get any error message in there? Also, if you still getting a problem in there please try to disable all plugins except JNews Essential plugin and please try to check again Install Plugin dashboard.

    4. About issue when installing Envato market plugin, may i know where are you trying to install this plugin? Did you try to install that plugin by add new plugin on WordPress Plugin Dashboard? Because we do not include that plugin on our theme package.

    5. Please make sure you already hit Save Changes button right after you done making changes. If you still getting a problem in there, please do point number 3 (please try to disable all plugins except JNews Essential plugin ).

    Thank you

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