Some plug-in errors and some changes

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    October 23, 2017 at 5:34 pm #24535


    I just bought your thema, I have to compliment you for your work, you have been very good, and mindful of the needs we are now in 2017/2018.

    But you have little trouble I’m going to list:

    1. JNews – Frontend Translation does not work, I can not get in.

    2. in the home there is the Home title, because I used a page. How can I delete the word “Home”?


    3. Where can I enter google analytics code?

    4. How can i insert icon in thema?

    5. how can I insert the following entry at the end of the post:


    and also iframe:

    <div id=fblike><span>Follow on Facebook</span><iframe src=”
    …. ETC….

    6. my last doubt is how can I insert the following script into the footer

    <! – Begin Cookie ->
    <script type = “text / javascript”>
         window.cookieconsent_options = {“message”: … etc
    </ Script>
    <! – End Cookie ->

    Look forward to your news and good work…

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    October 23, 2017 at 5:43 pm #24536

    I also forgot to:

    7. Through your JNews – Auto Load Post plugin you can choose to want to see only for example 3 post and not infinite post ???

    Look forward to your news and good work…

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    October 24, 2017 at 1:37 am #24560


    Thank you for purchasing our theme and your compliment.

    1. This is known issue and our team is going to release update to fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience

    2. I suppose it still use Default Template. Please select template: Landing Page under the Page Attribute metabox.

    3. You can simply install Google Analytics plugin for that. Because that is plugin territory and we don’t want to create the same plugin when there are a lot good choise available out there.

    4. There is an Icon & JNews Icon Link element actually on Visual Composer to use for that.

    5. It may required some hook and the best practice for this kind of customization is by using child theme. We will consider to add this post copyright as new feature on next update.

    6. You could use this plugin for that: (you can use this plugin for placing Google Analytics code as well)

    7. Unfortunately, there is no post limit option in Auto Load Post at the moment.

    Anyway, if you like our theme and want to support this theme further please consider to give 5 stars rating on Themeforest.

    Best regards,


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