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    David Groh
    March 13, 2018 at 4:29 pm #29524

    Hello freinds.
    First, I love your theme. These days, after 2 months evercy day testing of all functions and their combinations I have found several issues, which should be fix.


    Header builder issues (mayby all of them are because I use text logo) I do not see another users to have the same issues:

    Text logo – there is some bug in the color handler – if I change the colors / fonts many times, it brokes the text logo and I have to start again to set it up. Please check that.
    There is not also the color code visible, but the text [object Object]

    ADS in the header – I use only script code (adsense) – the ads is not vissible. I use the dark background of the header. It looks like the background color is obove the ads and therefore the ads is not vissible. Can you check that?

    Font size in the main menu. It is not working, if I change the font hight, it changes only the gap of the text from the top, this means, the font is the same, but shifted down in the line.

    Fonts are little bit complicated globaly. I mean, sometimes, if I change let say post title, sometimes it also change another fonts… I mean, check once again all fonts elements and their combinations. It also do not affect the width of the fonts, I mean if I set up 100, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700,900, sometimes, if makes affect, sometimes not. It must be clear for the users. Can you also add the system fonts support. I mean arial, helvetica etc… to be able set up?

    Mobile size layouts. Please take a look at this. On the mobile phone every module, slider, element has different style than on the PC. There are too many styles on the mobile fhone screen size. Please decrease the quantity on mobile, it will looks better. I mean on the PC it is ok to have many different styles of the modules, slider etc to choose, but all of them should be change into 1-3 styles on the mobile phone. In single word, If it looks fine on the PC, it doesnt looks fine on the mobile phone. If it looks fine on the mobile phone, it doesnt looks fine on the PC. To many different styles. Please take a look on the responsivness in the near future.

    I want to make fresh instalation of the web and start since April. But the bugs must be fixed before it.

    At the end, I love your theme.
    Best regards, David Groh from and

    ### THEME INFO ###

    Themes name : JNews
    Themes Version : 1.2.2
    Themes License : ✔

    ### WordPress Enviroment ###

    Home URL :
    Site URL :
    Login URL :
    WP Version : 4.9.4
    WP Multisite : –
    WP Debug Mode : Disabled
    PHP Memory Limit : 256 MB
    WP Memory Limit : 256 MB
    WP Language : cs_CZ
    WP Upload Directory : ✔
    Number of Category : 4
    Number of Tag : 3

    ### Server Enviroment ###

    Server Info : Apache
    PHP Version : 7.0.19 (also I use 7.1.5 – it depens of testing – but I want to use 7.1.5!! is it ok?)
    PHP Post Max Size : 128 MB
    PHP Time Limit : 90
    PHP Max Input Vars : 10000
    SUHOSIN Installed : –
    WP Remote Get : ✔
    PHP Image library installed : ✔
    CURL Installed : ✔

    ### Active Plugins ###

    Akismet Anti-Spam : by Automattic – 4.0.3
    JNews – Detail Category Customizer : by Jegtheme – 1.0.0
    JNews – Essential : by Jegtheme – 1.0.0
    JNews – Frontend Translation : by Jegtheme – 1.0.4
    JNews – Gallery : by Jegtheme – 1.0.0
    JNews – JSON-LD : by Jegtheme – 1.0.0
    JNews – Like : by Jegtheme – 1.0.3
    JNews – Social Share : by Jegtheme – 1.0.2
    JNews – View Counter : by Jegtheme – 1.0.3
    Vafpress Post Formats UI : by vafpress – 1.5
    WP-Optimize : by David Anderson, Ruhani Rabin, Team Updraft – 2.2.2
    WPBakery Page Builder : by Michael M – – 5.4.5
    WP Smush : by WPMU DEV – 2.7.8
    WP User Avatar : by flippercode – 2.0.9
    Yoast SEO : by Team Yoast – 7.0.3

    ### End ###

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    March 14, 2018 at 11:18 am #29549

    Hi David Groh,

    Thanks for your compliment for JNews.

    1. For the color option issue on the text logo, I see that issue and it seems will take a little bit time for checking this issue. I hope can find a solution asap.

    2. For the header ads, may I know where you put the ads, in the mid or bottom bar? Because I can’t seem to find any ads element in the header.

    3. About font option for the main menu, there’s two option which is Font Size and Line Height. Make sure if you’ve been set up the Font Size. I’ve tried it on my side and just work fine here.

    4. If you faced sometimes your font setup not applied correctly on the frontend, it may because there’s another option that has been overridden them and in this case, we need to check it directly on your website what actually happens. At the moment we only provide Google Font and if you want to use a custom font, you can use Custom Font option to upload your font.

    5. About responsive, can you tell me more detail about ‘decrease the quantity on mobile’ that you mean above? just want to make sure.

    Thank you

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    David Groh
    March 15, 2018 at 3:48 am #29594

    3. Font in main menu: You can see on my test side:

    the trouble is specialy in lifestyle demo style. I tried to change the font size and line size and the color to red, ynd youcan see the result. No other plugins are installed, only JNEWS theme plugins.

    menu style 1 – it shift the text from the top / no color change
    oter menu styles – no change at all, no affect to changes nothing hapens

    Other demos are ok! 🙂 I tried game, travel, basic it is ok…

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    March 15, 2018 at 10:24 am #29612


    It seems there is a minor issue with menu font option, please try update file located at: jnews/class/Customizer/FontOption.php with this:

    To change the menu color, I suggest you change it in Main Menu Style options so the hover state not overridden with the Fonts option.

    Thank you

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