Issue with Migration from Newspaper

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    November 16, 2017 at 8:02 am #25496

    Hi, I am trying to migrate from NewsPaper theme and while doing so I noticed that ‘our smart lists’ gets broken or look ugly after migration on JNews themes. I have asked this question in themeforest comment section and was told to put it here so below I am copying the full details :

    The biggest issue I noticed is with ‘Smart Lists’ and overall site width. I used ‘NewsPaper’ migration plugin but the converted listicle looks super ugly ( Link-1 and Link-2 on this page- )

    While it should look like this ( Link-3 and Link-4 : )

    It’s not usable at all. 🙁 While doing the migration, it said there is 250+ article to be converted. Kindly say how can I make it usable? I know many people want to migrate from NewsPaper. so, please work on making the smart list better for all of us.

    About overall layout, Jnews appears to be of width 1140px, which doesn’t seem to be standard. My website layout width is 1068px. Can I make it appropriate change here as well?

    So, please help me fixing this smart list post thing and then to change the layout of the site to standard 1068px width without breaking site UI.

    Thank you.

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    November 17, 2017 at 3:07 am #25528

    Hi niteshandme,

    1. About the smart list issue, we can provide you fixed code for this thing. Please put this code below into /wp-content/themes/jnews/functions.php :

    Then please go to your WordPress admin dashboard and refresh the page. After that, you can remove the previous code from functions.php file (those code only need to execute once).

    2. For change the container width, please add this code below into Customize > Additional Style :

    After you have done with the changes, please clear your browser cache.

    Thank you

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