How to config different and related portfolio list

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    July 15, 2014 at 6:27 pm #1723

    Hi, in order to complete my site structure, I have one more question.
    I´m planning to:
    show detail projects in masonry view, side content.
    in menu there will be 3 portfolio lists.
    one with all projects (concepts)
    one with “type” with 6 subcategories
    one with “chronology” with 8 subcategories

    I found something related in this support forum but didn’t help much.
    any single project is a “page” or a “portfolio”?
    the structure of categories portfolio, is correct as I showed below?

    concepts (all)
    – type
    — residencial
    — corporate
    — ….
    – chronology
    — 09-10
    — 11-12
    — ….
    each project is in one subcat of type and one subcat of chronology.
    (project1 – corporate – 13-14)

    in resume:
    one portfolio with all, no filtering.
    one portfolio with all filtering by type.
    one portfolio with all filtering by chronology.
    any advise of how config pages, portfolio, portfolio cats, for the request structure?

    thanks a lot.

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    July 16, 2014 at 6:59 am #1752

    Hi Boris,

    To create single portfolio item, go add new Portfolio not a Page. But, you need create Page with Portfolio template as a list of your Masonry portfolio.

    At the moment, the filter button of Portfolio list doesn’t support sub-category. But, you still can create sub-category structure on backend.

    Or may be you can create 3 pages portfolio list with each parent categories. Then for the portfolio single set the parent to their portfolio page (parent categories).

    Hope that can help you.

    Thank you

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