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    June 1, 2017 at 5:44 pm #23887

    1 – I would like to know how I do to put an option for users to register on top of the bar next to login.

    2 – How do I put Adsense on my side of the job list? Exemple:

    3 – How do I put Adsense in the places where I signed red? Exemple:

    4 – I would like to know how I put the Send Curriculum option. Exemple:

    5 – How to put the option of registered people see vacancies? My site will get paid to see list of jobs how do I put this option?

    6 – How do I put the option for users to pay?

    7 – How to change the background image?

    8 – How do I put an option for companies to pay?

    9 – When I click on record appears this message, how can I put the option to register? Exemple:

    from Brazil

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    June 5, 2017 at 1:10 am #23900

    hi Gilson,

    1. please read it right here :

    2. you can use vc component “Raw JS”

    3. you will need to directly modify the code, go to jobplanet-themes > fragment > job-detail.php and you will need to modify this file to your need.

    4. We don’t have that option. it will need some kind of custom change to have that kind of feature.

    5. unfortunatley we don’t have that kind of option. we only provide option for resume.

    6. may i know which kind of user do you mean? we only provide paying option for listing job

    7. i don’t know which background do you mean.

    8. please take a look right here :

    9. please read it right here :

    Thank you

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