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    October 21, 2017 at 5:47 am #24484

    Hi, I’m working on on switching to your theme, and I’m generally very impressed. I have some comments that I don’t want to post on Themeforest – I know your theme literally just came out, so it’s not really fair to complain about it in public. So here it goes:

    1. We really need to have an option to only show unique posts on the homepage. Right now if you’re using a grid to show featured posts, and you don’t want them repeated in the loop or blocks, you need to enter the posts numbers to exclude them. That’s very burdensome – most advanced theme already include an option not to repeat posts.

    2. The customizer causes A LOT of server load … and I know the idea behind it is to make it easy to visualize changes, but I think if I wasn’t an experienced WP user I would actually be VERY confused by the customizer. A theme options page (maybe including tooltips) would probably be easier for everyone to handle.

    That’s all for now. Thank you for all your hard work on this theme!

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    October 22, 2017 at 3:46 am #24493

    hi colecoboy84, thank you for your kind word,

    1. yes you have. when you use visual composer element that come from our themes, you have Include into Unique Content Group on Content Filter. You will just need to choose this group so your content will not be repeat on other block. For example if Block 1 and Block 2 include into Unique content Group 1, it won’t have duplicated content both block won’t have duplicating content.

    2. Yes we understand, customizer cause more server load than other place on backend but its only when you first time load customizer. when customizer already loaded, server will load normally. Its because customizer load about 800 option, but we provide you option to disable customizer panel to reduce the load.

    there is several reason we choose customizer instead of theme option page.

    – Customizer is core of WordPress, while theme option usually build by third party developer. and we put our bet on customizer because we believe it will getting better overtime. there is ticket on core that mention to make customizer faster. for example :
    – Customizer give you ability to directly see what you change. and with JNews you can see it without even reloading. For us its very convenience to see what change when you do something on customizer.
    – we can extend customizer functionality like search option, header builder, and redirect to affected page while it won’t be able to do on theme option.

    WordPress it self suggest theme developer to use customizer instead of theme option. it may need some time for people to get use to customizer.

    Also for your suggestion, yes we also consider it when we building this themes. we currently looking for library that can turn customizer option to theme option page. hopefully we can find decent library.

    Thank you 🙂

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