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    December 12, 2016 at 12:12 pm #22526


    I want to report a bug with Alert functionality.

    We wasted lots of time searching for the problem, because majority of our users never received Job Alert email. And we found the reason. The thing is, that Job alert function searches jobs from today’s 00:00 to now (time when crone’s job search functions is executed). For example, if I’ve created Job alert at 08:00 AM, on 2016.12.11 job for my alert will be gathered from 2012.12.12 00:00 to 2012.12.12 08:00 AM. So if there is no jobs posted til 8:00 AM I won’t receive Job Alert email. So if there were jobs posted on 2016.12.11 I won’t receive those Jobs in my job alert.

    In my opinion, jobs should be gathered from day before to the time crone is activated for that alert. That means, function should check Jobs from 2016.12.11 00:00 to 2016.12.12 8:00 AM.

    Are you going to fix this problem and if yes, can you tell me a date when I will be able to download theme updates?


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    December 14, 2016 at 2:29 am #22554

    hi v.siuksteris,

    this is how job alert work. after you create a job alert, it will schedule when you will get alert depend on range you choose. lets say if you choose 1 week, it will add + 1 week to schedule to run. and it will gather exactly 1 week range from when schedule created and check if on this period there is any job written. if there is a job, it will send to your customer.

    as i read on your request, you need to reduce 1 days before job created right? this will create a mess on the system. you will send duplicated job from previous job email alert.

    but if you need it badly, you can alter behavior of job alert from jobplanet-plugin > lib > class-jeg-alert.php
    and go to line 406. you can notice we scan job alert base on range you chooose.

    Thank you

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