Reply To: MAJOR Woocommerce Conflict

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March 3, 2015 at 4:48 pm #9759

I already did that, the only conflict is your template with the new woocommerce. I have added css to hide all the extra buttons and elements that show up after the new woocommerce update. Like i said the woocommerce plugins are a must and have to be active. The rest i have tested and do not interfere with the template functions. the problem is with the new files and the new way woocommerce works. I have a couple other sites i have had to update and the theme authors have already updated their themes to the new woocommerce. As it is now you site is not worth buying until this is resolved are you planning on updating it to work with the new woocommerce or should i look into rebuilding it with anther parent theme that is compatible with it?