Reply To: Visual Composer Server slow downs/time outs

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February 21, 2015 at 11:06 pm #9523

I don’t know what is causing it. I tried turning off all the plugins and navigating the wordpress dashboard(pages, sections, posts,etc and sometimes it is very slow. 80% of the time the speed is pretty good and then slows down the point it takes half a minute to go from say Settings to Media. As I am working on the website I see this issue every day.
When I go to my other websites hosted on the same server, there are no slow downs at all.(I have a 25mb connection so it’s not my internet connection either)

It almost seems like the theme is perhaps connecting to some other website/server(yours?) to retrieve some kind of data and perhaps the server is far away – a long delay occurs. I’ve experienced something like that about 6 years ago with one of the websites I had so I am just guessing here.

There has to be a reason why 3 similar websites on the other server are really fast while I can’t even navigate front-end wordpress settings with *all* the plugins turned off.

On a normal day navigating wordpress settings of the theme is about twice as slow as others themes I am using on other websites. I only had this theme for a month so I can’t comment on the previous speeds,but it seems something is still affecting the speed.