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February 2, 2015 at 9:12 am #8763

Hi! Thanks for the support! I think I managed to deal with that problem with the menu 🙂

I noticed another problem with the mobile version and I think I posted a new topic about that but I cannot find it now. Anyway, I will write you here about that.

I use the Architect style of JKreativ and also the segment of Homepage called on Architect Features with elements like Home Design, Fast construction, etc. Please take a look at my website on that segment. When I shrink the browser window, the 6 blocks doesn’t resize properly and they appear like that: 3 on first line, 1 on second line, 2 on third line or 3 on first line, 2 on second line, 1 on third line.

What causes that and how can it be repaired? Thanks!