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January 21, 2015 at 12:53 am #8480

Thank you, so this seems to fix the alt tags for images on the Main Landing Page as alt tags are included for every image in Revolution slider. I can use it instead of Landing slider.

I am now left with the gallery which somehow needs to be seo optimized at least to the bare minimum.

I couldn’t find a way to use Revolution slider in the current state for the gallery because in order to not resize/stretch images in the full-width gallery I would need to go to Slide Settings in Revolution Slider menu and manually adjust –>Background Fit to “contain”. I’d have to do this to every single image. I am suppose to have 8 galleries with 700 images. That would take many days…

Your Full Screen(slider): Video&Image works great and does have that option,but it has no alt tags or/and I can not put description on each image.

So, is there a way to add either alt tags or small visible description to each image in this gallery? Perhaps there’s a file i can manually edit to add an alt tag to the images I need?