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June 28, 2014 at 11:19 pm #846

hi z4m3, thank you for your suggestion, i see your comment and we also need to consider every of suggestion made by our buyers. you know our client is having different thought and also different need. we will take a look which one is important and which one is less important.

right now we already having list, what to do for next update, which need to get more attention, and which one will implemented in future update.

btw to create something like this :, you can use our portfolio (extend portfolio), you can take a look at here :

you can arrange your own image right there. you can also provide link to download it there. it basically landing page in form of portfolio.

but i quite agree with your argument that people may not like too much click, that is why we create side content portfolio, and you can also use full width image size to cater your need. i think its more suitable for you.

it can be something like this, but on portfolio :

Thank you