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January 9, 2015 at 9:12 am #8234

autoplay means gallery’s images slide/play with a set interval of time(eg, like your main sliders)

There are a lot of galleries that stretch images to height or full screen, either degrading quality of an image or cropping it.
All full screen galleries crop images to fit viewer’s screen, which is why professional photographers don’t use full screen galleries, other than for a few select images with centered subjects, to avoid them being cropped on certain screens.
Here’s my current website’s gallery(uses revolution slider) that let’s me choose the size of each image and has autoplay. It uses the same Revolution slider for galleries as you use for your theme. This is one of the reasons I was really surprised to hear you took all the text functions away from the galleries, not just the alt tag capabilities -all of these seems to be the features that the Revolution slider has built-in in the original form.

In regards to SEO…I also have to point that that on your themeforest page you list Google authorship as one of the built-in features. Google authorship project died many months ago and isn’t supported at all…