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January 6, 2015 at 4:57 am #8086

Hi. Up until now I’ve always used a very simple blog theme along with my site. This is my first time working with such a complicated theme. I really love the theme and think it is quite versatile and can look very elegant. However I have really struggled with the instructions as they do not follow a sequential order, although at first glance they seem to. The issues I’ve had include questions like the following:

What happens if I import the dummy data along with my existent posts? (Found elsewhere, no, this will replace your content)

Why doesn’t my large loader circle work even though I have the correct size image in it? (That’s why I’m in here digging through the forum today)

Am I supposed to upload an image to replace the circle loader? (Under a different heading… nooooo do not do this, it breaks the loader! And god knows how that gets fixed.)

Why doesn’t my blog name and tag line show up? (Haven’t found that one yet.)

The biggest question I think people have is how to make their site layout exactly like one of the ones you have in the live demo. I know you give dummy content but those of us with existent sites do not want to start over, we want to add this template without overwriting the current content.

All in all your template rocks. The documentation needs a lot of work. As a writer I can tell you have already put a lot of work in. My recommendation is to keep a list of the questions people ask and add them to the current documentation. I give you extra kudos for asking for feedback.